Whether you're an amateur or professional fighter, a coach, or into boxing for its fitness benefits, team Raven Fitness have most of the stuff for your need. We have an enormous range of boxing , mma & fitness equipment including gloves, pads, protective equipment, punching bags and accessories.

Reasons why team Raven fitness claim to be the best in the game are:
Designed By Professional
The Products offered by Raven Fitness are designed / Developed by professionals with their massive experience and hard R&D both in practicing equipment as well as making it. It took years in developing products. The products offered by raven not only looks good they perform excellent as well.

Quality We Guarantee It
In RAVEN you trust, so we reward that trust with an unequaled pre-tested 2 year warranty on ubertex in writing against workmanship and material faults.

True Weight And Size Gloves
You Get what you pay for from RAVEN. Raven boxing & mma Gloves are at least the advertised weight and international length.

Serious Personal trainers, fighters & instructors choose raven due to our ergonomic support & sport specific designs along with these iconic designs team raven brings the comfort for sports people to the next level by putting ultra soft foam lined cloth / ventilation holes & air flow technology which gives maximum comfort to the players.

Best materials
The Materials used by raven are specially designed by team raven. These materials are best suitable for boxing and mma equipment. Team Raven offer warranties on their products as well just like for the products made in Ubertex comes with limited life time warranty.

Super Workmanship
The Equipment offered by raven fitness is manufactured under the supervision of team raven and is only made in a handful of factories specialized in making boxing equipment located in Thailand, India and Pakistan

The R&D department of Team Raven is always active in developing latest products with the help of professional boxers around the globe. team raven never stops and keep on developing latest materials and products all the time and before launching them all the equipment is pre-tested by professionals

Co-Branding Opportunities
Allowing your Club image to be placed on a proven product range.
*conditions apply

One Stop Shop
Raven Fitness have one of the most comprehensive specialist boxing range in the world today

We have been in this trade from over thirty five years both Professionals and Amateurs have extensively tested all of the products. The self-developed technologies by team raven are continuously optimized and improved examples include

Ubertex is the professional grade material for commercial mass use of product. this pre-tested material out-look, out-wear and out-perform conventional leather by up to 10 times.

Extra Strengthened, Double Glued Elastic 100% Artificial Leather with beautiful designing and colors. Specially designed for trendy people.

Purpose Built Elastic State of the art Material rot resistant. Ideal for high exposure to sweat situations.

Meshed 3Grex:
Meshed 3GREX is the latest and most talked about innovation by Raven R&D. This Meshed material is used in the most required part of the gloves for maximum ventilation which gives user extreme comfort and keeps The product fresh & dry

Raven Inner Cool:
Meshed Foam Lined Fabric allows better Airflow to the glove. It Pulls the cool air in and draws sweat out which helps to Keep the Product Fresh and dry

Raven Cool:
Raven Cool refers to the Ultra comfortable foam backed lining cloth which gives maximum comfort to the glove. This Material also has ability to dry out quickly and absorbs moisture.

Shock absorbing Gel is Placed at the most important places of the equipment for excellent protection. Keep Gel away from temperatures greater than 35c

We offer high quality products at an excellent price.